How teaches you to put on the major issue which faces to gentleman evening dress man to lie in them always excessively to work, actually ? to time-consuming handles the semblance, lets oneself have a liking for is more appropriate. Today has more and more many important situations, waits for them perfectly to appear, at this kind of time, inopportune was putting on not merely is individual private affair, on the contrary it could let you turn "was not that successful" the person in the others eye, although this was one-sided, but you could not but acknowledge very many people judge the others like this, in particular in these public relations or commercial situation. Usually, in the invitation which you receives, most is common in the clothing prompt is "Black Tie" ??this certainly is not refers must wear the black tie, but is must put on the gentleman evening dress. Now very many can confuse the evening dress and the true thing, this possibly is because they certainly not too many situations put on it. But please believe me, set of tailors perfect evening dresses are a man necessary, moreover you also may bequeath you the son, remembers only has the late ritual never to be obsolete, on the contrary can become the classics to spread. Most appropriate Black Tie is Tuxedo (tailless half official evening dress), its origin to New York famous Tuxedo Club, from 1886, there people on puts on in abundance has abandoned the dovetail the official late attire. In German and the majority European country, they were called it installs (Smoking Jacket) smoking, but the evening banquet installs (Dinner Jacket) this name also is retained because of the white tailless half official evening dress. Certainly installs in England's smoking certainly is not such. Moreover, but also has the creativity to put on the law, I like the dark blue evening banquet western-style clothing, regardless of the single line buckles ?? the buckle, how puts on all attractively. In 2007 Oscar promulgated the ritual, dunhill tailor Martin Nicholls specially is Daniel Craig has ordered a dark blue late attire, was extremely perfect. Black Tie refers the gentleman late packages includes the single line to buckle with ?? buckles two kind of designs, the traditional style formal clothes all has the pure silk lining the acute angle turndown collar, or leads with the narrow olive substitutes ??but me to think the acute angle collar is more fashionable. Color basically for element black or deep navy blue, medium is most common to a lighter lining, weaves the slight pattern lining also to be able to accept. The late attire formal clothes forever must match the white true thing shirt and the black bow tie, this is absolutely cannot forget. The pants must match the black or the dark blue, the side joint place has the black satin the decoration belt for to be good, cannot curl nearby the trousers. You also may choose a white Tuxedo, it extremely suits in the warm weather is putting on, but usually must match the black pants. The shoe may be the black pattern coat of paint, or idle leisurely black flat base cloth shoe. About the official late attire, I want to tell you to be more the topic which installs about english-type velvet smoking. It may put on in the home, in faction to after puts on, or is putting on it tastes the wonderful cigar in the night final moment and the friend. Had the smoking attire, may avoid ill-smelling smoke ??leaping up into the beloved shirt. My velvet smoking is loaded with the high turndown collar, the single line buckle. As for the color, I can in the reddish purple color, the dark blue or even between the dull purple choose. ?? the pure silk velvet western-style clothing jacket also is I beloved. So long as the western-style clothing jacket simply set on the shirt, put on the pants which matched to be allowed. Again adds on a pair of happy cloth shoe, that was better. I have a pair of very beautiful cloth shoe, above handpainted fine insect design, this is the how marvelous creativity! These late attires cotton material itself also respectively has the difference, but you differently put on the law to be able to let them change more creativity. The table is man's jewelry, the late attire certainly needs its matching. In view of the pure true thing, I can recommend the pocket watch. Perhaps you can inherit them from yours father generation, or buys at the same place from the European antique market. Matches Black Tie the style, I can choose section ultra thin ??, best has the black alligator dried shark skin watch band (Cartier to have a series of suits late attire to be fine ??). Under these two kind of situations, you all may discretely wear the white, the pink color and even the golden color ultra are thin ??, so long as slightly pays attention the wristwatch color and clothes match. Reminds: In any event, all must avoid in this kind of situation wearing ??? the wristwatch! Although some people thought increases the movement element for the true thing to be able very unique, but I thought perhaps this only can be very funny. I am willing to see this kind of unique creativity manifests in the button choice, or an in the style of antiquity silk handkerchief ajar in pocket... ... The slight place innovation always may preserve in the fashion history which the people loves to talk about.