The color nuptial dress not necessarily is pure white, unceasingly has along with the trends in the world changes, nuptial dress except pure white, ivory, cream-colored and so on outside traditional color, also the popular entire wrap pink color nuptial dress, like flesh color, the powder orange, powder blue, the powder purple, the powder was recent years green day after day and the shallow silver-gray color. If you dare to attempt, dark green, bordeaux b, deep purple, decorates on the pink color nuptial dress, forms the color strong formal clothes, the effect is very special. Actually, the nuptial dress is any color not too is important, the most prerequisite condition is must match with bride's skin color. Oriental skin color depth but yellow, puts on the snow white nuptial dress, can appear darkly mute, puts on the ivory to be able a more harmonious nature, powder blue, the powder purple and the yellow skin all cannot coordinate, the powder orange, the powder are instead green can match with the yellow skin color. As for skin Bai Litou red, also or the bronze skin, puts on pure white can be very attractive, specially latter, matches bridegroom's coattails, appears suddenly out of the ordinary light to pick. Design tradition type skirt length and place, and likes umbrella general dispersing the skirt pendulum, is many girls all longed for puts on, photographs in the shade building certainly may put on, but not too is as if convenient in other places. Therefore to the wedding ceremony same day, the suitable choice slightly takeoffs small awning skirt, also or is long and the full malleolus assumes the A character tailor the straight body nuptial dress; As for is full of confidence to the beautiful leg, may try the miniskirt or and knee skirt and so on, if is the disposition free and easy frank, puts on the white trousers wrap to be able suddenly to reveal individual style, with do not be different. Some point must pay attention, the fish tail skirt is not most convenient, as well as is most difficult to put on attractively, if the non- bride specially likes the fish tail skirt, otherwise, did not need to consider. Another item must pay attention, puts on the very beautiful nuptial dress trades a person on the model body to put on, the effect then is not necessarily good, therefore tries on is must. The measurement is not good-fitting may change, the design and bride's build and the makings do not match, can appear specially ugly. Other nuptial dresses trailing are must long use trailing or to be short trailing, also must act according to the external environmental factor to perform to consider. If salute in the church, has trailing more attractive, but the flowered child must the age be slightly big, otherwise the insufficient strength takes up trailing for the bride, even trips; The decorated vehicle also is another difficult problem, because of several meters trailing, the ordinary saloon car cannot lay down, even if reluctantly crowds a group, after alights long trailing then wrinkles, is not really elegant; In addition the common street cannot too clean, therefore the bride puts on a meter to two meters trailing, has been very enough.