Compare to the color of black and white , red ,purple and some strong colors can
create better effect.
Generally speaking, mens dresses are more complicated and dainty than womens
dresses. Due to its different wearing time, it can be divided into formal dress
and semiformal dress.
Tailcoat is one kind of formal dress which suit for wearing after 6:00 pm.Except
for matched vest, you can select the right brooch to enhance formal and
The materials of Tailcoat are quite dainty, it can only be in black and navy blue.
Collar should be peaked lapel or shawl collar, and facing silk is necessary.Front
part like vest short,decorated buttons on its right and left, no slit under waist
part, bottom of back part like coattail. Trousers material is the same to
frock,and its hem is single.Shirt is white with front pleat and cravat instead of
the necktie.
Tuxedo is suitable for evening meeting , and single breasted or double breasted
are good.

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